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About Deviant PhilippaFemale/United States Groups :iconbohemorum-societas: Bohemorum-Societas
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Tea time
"I'm glad you decided to join us, Natashka, females are hard to come by, you see," Rein giggled, poking Natashka's boob.  Natashka let out a chuckle and shifted slightly in her chair.  Rein frowned "Of course, that's not why we decided to pick you," he amended, choosing his words carefully. "We aren't sexist or anything like that, it's just…."  Rein scratched his head, nervously. Natashka eyed him, curious. "Just what?" she wondered out loud, pulling her dress over her knees. "We need someone like you in this position," Rein answered. Natashka raised an eyebrow, "I don't understand" she admitted.  Rein sighed and walked over to the desk behind her, one of many in the study.  After a few seconds he came back with an old photo. He handed it to Natashka. "Who is this?" she asked, after taking a long look at the woman in the photograph. "She used to be Dorian's assistant, Lizzy." Rein grimaced, frowning at the picture. "What do you mea
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Luka's story
Pain flooded my veins. A piercing scream broke the silence of the laboratory. For that moment in time, my heart stopped, and my blood froze. The scientists shuffled nervously at the posts, their eyes boring into me like the poison in my blood.  "Did it take to him?" one of the leaders of the group asked nervously, his eyes shifting from the injection wound in my neck, down my battered chest, towards the strangulating restraints covering my limbs.  The man with white hair, more or less the leader of the group, laughed a sick, twisted laugh of amusement. Someone shrieked again, interrupting the man's sadist chuckles.  "Not yet, but very soon" I was then slapped hard in the face, intensifying the agony, internally as well as externally. "Stop crying like a child." Crying, when was I….  It took me a moment to realize that the bone chilling screams, the cries for help, were my own.   Was I so far gone that I couldn't even keep trac
:iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 5 3
Dat Zane by alexanderkitten Dat Zane :iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 2 5 Zane? by alexanderkitten Zane? :iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 1 0 Hollow by alexanderkitten Hollow :iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 1 1 Fairy...elf.....thing? by alexanderkitten Fairy...elf.....thing? :iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 2 11
In a world where evil and chaos reins supreme,
There comes from light, a superior scheme,
A plan of such cunning and skill,
That creates in most, a feeling of chill.
But to use this devious plot,
Requires a hero not to be caught.
He must sneak and hide,
Until he reaches the hillside
Once there, his speed must he increase,
To outrun the masses, the 'rebel police'.
From there he must go south,
To the Tames river mouth.
In the river there lies,
One fabulous prize.
But, this gift is not what you think,
It is not treasure, but the missing link;
A chest filled with hope and dreams,
But still worthy to put men to extremes.
Our agent will recover our so precious treasure,
And then will run back north, too fast to measure.
Quickly the hillside he passes,
Ignoring the soldiers, the arrogant asses.
From there the road is clear,
Or so it may appear.
Within the mile from our castle keep,
A monster did creep.
For the moment our valiant hero approached our
:iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 2 14
Sebastian by alexanderkitten Sebastian :iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 2 14
Kostya's personality Profile
General Information
First name: Kostya
Middle name: Lei
Surname: Kreuz/Amaranth
Age: 16
Date of birth: Dec 13th
Race: White
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Current residence: Unknown
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Unpopular
Traits of Voice
Accent (if any): Somewhat German accent.
Language spoken: German
other languages known: English and Russian
Volume of voice: soft but assertive.
Physical Appearence
Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lb
Eye colour: Right: Red, Left: Blue
Skin colour: Pale Peach
Distinguishing features: Different eye colors
Build of body: Muscles are defined, but you don't notice them under his clothes
Hair style: Emo Apparently
Complexion: Fair
Posture: Depends on situation
Tattoos: None yet
Piercings: Snake bites, and multiple ear piercings
Typical clothing: whatever demi draws him in….
Is seen by others as: Quiet, a bit weird.
Likes: family, friends, humans, his brother-en, video games, raves, skate boarding, singing - mostly to himself lol, art,
:iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 4 6
Broken Chain Pt 3
Snow:  white snow fell innocently down from the darkening sky above. Never before had school lasted as long as it did today. The classes dragged on, and long, like a continuous, monotonous circle; never ending.  It was always the same; Always eternal. School would start like any other, with chains and swarms of teens clinging to their cliché cliques, their fake friends, with false smiles…talking about things that no one even cared about. Then school would begin, and everyone would go to their classes, pretend to pay attention, while still consumed with shallow thoughts, about shallow people. The students endure. Then lunch comes, and the pupils fall under the hysteria of having some free time. Then fallen, as if, in a deep sleep, the teens lumber back to their classrooms, tired, and depleted of energy. School is over, and the lethargy once possessed by the students is forgotten. That is the general summery of a school day for a regular teen. However, the u
:iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 0 7
Broken Chain pt 2
I must rid myself of this soft heart. It had been days since Amelia had spoken to me, and we only occupied the same room whenever there was no way to avoid it. I was a ghost to her, a mere allusion of the brother she once had. She'd get over it eventually, but for now, I must wait in vein, for Amelia to bury the hatchet and forgive me for locking her out, and stating the ugly truth. I had hurt her, and this isolation from her was used as a punishment, that however was, a fallible one. What did I care that she wasn't speaking to me? It's what I wanted all along, silence. Peace from her insufferable nagging. And even though, this inaudible utopia was what I wanted, Amelia's pouting still made me feel, for lack of a better word, guilty. My heart ached for my cruelty, pulling me into a dark swamp of depression, filling me with despair and a dark disposition. And it was just about to get worse.
I shuddered as the shattering cold water hit my back mercilessly. If I wasn't awake a moment ago,
:iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 1 0
Broken Chain pt 1
I sat bolt up in my bed. A cold sweat broke out on my brow as my heartbeat became slower and slower, and my eyes closed of their own accord. I exhaled.  A  Nightmare.  Nothing but a nightmare, I had to remind myself of that every night for the last month and a half, that the things I was seeing in the shattering calignosity  that encased my mind was just a phantasm. But how could I? When every night, after night, the same dream, tormented my soul. I discarded the thick covers of my bed, stood, and then shuffled sleepily towards my door. Pausing momentarily to yawn, and then continuing to open the door. My head ached mercilessly, as it did every night, around this time. Down the stairs and chocolate down the hall I went, finally reaching the kitchen and then stumbling sluggishly to the pantry. I took out some Advil from the medicine basket and scarfed a few down. "Popping pills again, eh, Zane?"  I turned unwillingly towards Amelia
:iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 2 8
Angel dude by alexanderkitten Angel dude :iconalexanderkitten:alexanderkitten 2 0

Random Favourites

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"'Bohemorum Societas' is a special Academy created by 4 friends to provide a place for young non-human children to learn. It literally means, 'The Society of Bohemians,' but can also be interpreted as 'The Society of Misfits.' In short, a school for outcasts. Curious as to how this school began? Visit this… here, and you'll understand the basics of how B.S. came to be.

In all actuality, the purpose of this group is to provide a fun, and entertaining 'environment' to role-play and socialize with fellow deviants who share the same interest of the supernatural world as you do.

B.S. exists in a world similar to ours, where the physical geography is almost exactly the same, except for a few well hidden cities that hold the world's most other-worldly people and activities. The school rests on such a place, an island about half the size of Denmark that dwells in the North Sea (click it), between the UK and Denmark, unable to be seen by the human eye, and without any trace of being on any human map.

All students will be referred to as 'Misfists', not in the derogatory form, but as a way to address them as a whole, seeing as they are going to be attending a school basically called Misfit Academy. Just with really fancy words. The students may come from any part of the world, because it is publicly broadcasted through their peoples communication networks, that lie 'underground', apart from the humans.

"The purpose of our School is to prepare our peoples young for the future of the corrupted societies, ours, and the humans. 'I want to allow our peoples young to have the opportunity that we didn't have. I want to build them up as a symbol. A symbol of power against all that lies in our path; we need to educate our young in the old ways, the way of war and learning so that they might grow and change this dreary thing we call a life.' (From the deviation that you are directed to in the first link above.) "

All the School's History and story will be revealed through out your time with this group, that is, if you choose to accept this mission join us. Which we certainly hope you do. c:

:blackrose:Character Guidelines:blackrose:

Character Creation:

-NO GOD MODDING, everyone must be able to die.
-NO OVERLY STRONG PEOPLE, these are children, they've yet to develop most of their abilities to their fullest.
-A good range for age would be 14-19(High School Range), depending on yours species. If you're still considered undeveloped past those ages, you must clearly state that. But it must be in reason.
-ONE character per member please. I don't want people creating an abundance of characters, then not be able to keep track of them all, and then become overwhelmed.
-Give your student a good reason to be in B.S., whether it's tragic, or they simply want to improve their selves and ready themselves for the harsh nature of the world...
-We don't care if a specific species is suppose to be one gender, it's an OC, and a fantasy world. I don't think gender really matters all that much to make a huss and fuss about it, lol.
-Their world might be set in the future, like, 2020-2050, but that does NOT mean LAZERS or TIME TRAVELING. That's not the kind of fantasy we're looking for. That's more Sci-fi ._.

If you're unsure if your species fits into one of the subdivisions, feel free to ask us co-founders before submitting your app. We'll probably be making a list of suggested species soon, but no need to stick to it. Those are simply suggestions!

Your Application:

Your app must include the following. If you're confused by any of it, ask, or look through the already filled out applications, like the headmasters or teachers.

Height: (in feet/inches)
Weight: (in pounds)

Additional Info: (Anything more you'd like us to know?)

If you're a writer, then you may have your character drawn by a friend. But you must CLEARLY state that you are a writer. And the person who drew it has to submit the app. You may do a written Bio if that is what you'd prefer, instead of having your OC drawn.
  • Listening to: Dont mess with me
  • Reading: Interview with the vamp
  • Watching: Tv
  • Playing: wow
  • Eating: Chips
  • Drinking: blood :3


United States
Hey, I'm philippa, pip or pippa for short.
I dont discriminate against people who are black, white, gay, transexual, cripled, poor, rich, retarted, or have a 200 IQ; it doesnt matter and I dont care. As long as you dont piss me off, we're cool.
I'm kinda a loner, but if you get to know me then you'll realize that I'm fiercely loyal, competitive, a little shallow, a bit of a know it all, and sometimes, a bitch, but hey, we all are sometimes.

Current Residence: San Antonio
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: How-Far-under
MP3 player of choice: Ipod >.>
Favourite cartoon character: Perry the platapus
Personal Quote: Few people can be happy unless they hate some other person, nation, or creed



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